My name is Adam. I'm from FL. I'm very passionate about nerdy things and sandwiches. Sometimes I like to make Doodles in MS Paint. Photobucket

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coeurquisoupire replied to your photo: My name is Adam Lackey and I approve this GPOY.

You should write a guide on how to grow a beard.

Dinocube’s Guide to Growing a Beard:

  1. Have a face.
  2. Have hair on that face.
  3. Don’t shave that hair.
  4. Profit?
It’s not the beard on the outside that counts, it’s the beard on the inside.
Action Hank

I just got home from having a room full of people tell me that I was unhireable because I have a beard.



Could I get someone

to punch me right in the face

if I asked nicely?

A punch to your face

Would do little I’m afraid

Beards guard faces well

Me and B.P. from Of Montreal

My video response to “how young were you when you realized you could grow a beard?”


Things that I love: Beverly; Worf.

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With great facial hair, comes great responsibility.


Mighty Marvel Facial Hair & Beard Styles! #win #beard

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"The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul"

A little self portrait doodle I made the other day.