My name is Adam. I'm from FL. I'm very passionate about nerdy things and sandwiches. Sometimes I like to make Doodles in MS Paint. Photobucket

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Seu Jorge,
The Life Aquatic Exclusive Studio Sessions Featuring Seu Jorge


Seu Jorge // Life On Mars? (David Bowie Cover, from the Life Aquatic Soundtrack)


A few previews from my official Marvel themed show at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. Opening reception is April 25th, from 7-10pm. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m excited for people to finally see what I’ve been working on since November. 

For those asking about prints, they will be available through the gallery, and leftovers will most likely be made available through mondotees.com 

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Sufjan Stevens,
Seven Swans


The Dress Looks Nice On You by Sufjan Stevens [lyrics]

I can see a fireside turn blue
And I can see the lot of life in you
Yes, I can see a lot of life in you

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With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley
Don’t fool yourself in thinking you’re more than you are

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I’m having a GIVEAWAY! Spring clean your rooms and decorate them with new artwork, and cool stickers. :) I’m giving away 2 packages! so I’ll be selecting two winners.

Package #1: Set of 3 5x7 postcards, 3 stickers, and a 1 inch button.

Package #2: Set of 2 5x7 postcards, 6 stickers, and 1 inch button.

All you need to do is reblog this post for a chance of winning these very packages! Giveaway ends May 22nd a month from now!!! ✎………….✉

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Daniel Johnston,
Yip Jump Music


Daniel Johnston - Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances 

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The Strokes,
Room On Fire


The Strokes “What Ever Happened”

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Saves The Day,
Through Being Cool


Saves The Day - Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots


also don’t request otters because whenever I try to draw otters I just end up looking at pictures of otters for hours and never drawing anything


this was gonna be my submission to Ghibli Jam but I’m TOO LATE, oh well.

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Saves The Day,
I'm Sorry I'm Leaving


Oh well, you’ve got me under your spell
and I don’t think that I’m kidding around.
I don’t think I can forget you now.