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The Fifth Element, 1997 (dir. Luc Besson)

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I love kissing. If I could kiss all day, I would. I can’t stop thinking about kissing. I like kissing more than sex because there’s no end to it. You can kiss forever. You can kiss yourself into oblivion. You can kiss all over the body. You can kiss yourself to sleep. And when you wake up, you can’t stop thinking about kissing. Dammit, I can’t get anything done because I’m so busy thinking about kissing. Kissing is madness! But it’s absolute paradise, if you can find a good kisser.
Sufjan Stevens (source)

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I got two turntables and a microphone

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Automatic For The People
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The Unicorns,
Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?

But this is love so we’ll survive

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The Shins,
Fighting In A Sack EP


Well, you never spite a person 
But you always bang the whole gang

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Best Coast,
Crazy For You


Best Coast - When I’m With You

When I’m with you, I have fun
Yeah when I’m with you, I have fun

I hate sleeping alone

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rushmore + centered/symmetrical

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TV On The Radio,
Return to Cookie Mountain


Wolf Like Me || TV On The Radio

you’re a hideous thing inside
if ever there were a lucky kind it’s
you you you you

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Oddish planter by Lorzo.

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The Front Bottoms,
Talon Of The Hawk

And you are the reason I’m smiling when there is nothing to smile about