My name is Adam. I'm from FL. I'm very passionate about nerdy things and sandwiches. Sometimes I like to make Doodles in MS Paint. Photobucket

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Living well isn’t about being perfect or succeeding all the time. It’s about trying and doing your best. It’s also about cheap pizza.



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The Postal Service,
Give Up
Calm down, release your cares
The stale taste of recycled air

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Some people just feel like home.

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      “The owners were getting divorced, and they were going to put him down. I said, ‘No, you won’t!’ He’s the best dog I’ve ever seen. People are afraid of him, but he’s such a sweet thing. I have seizures, and when I’m having a seizure, if my roommate is home, Rocky will go grab him by the pants leg and bring him in to me. He’s lost about 15 pounds since I got him on a diet, but he still looks like a bowling ball with turkey legs.”

Paw Paw, IL

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Dinosaur Wedding Cake Toppers by PaintedParade

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if you like good dogs, I’ll have this print and a few others with me at SPX this weekend! If you’re going to be there stop me and say hi!

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So Depressed

Please enjoy this, possibly the darkest SMMA comic I have ever made. lol 

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Rilo Kiley,
The Execution of All Things


A Better Son/ Daughter | Rilo Kiley

and sometimes when you’re on,
you’re REALLY fucking on,
and your friends, they sing along
and they love you
but the lows are so extreme
that the good seems fucking cheap
and it teases you for weeks in its absence

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Way too much cool for one place. (at Seattle, WA)

Went to see Pete Holmes do stand-up last night. Super nice guy. I definitely made it weird. (at Helium Comedy Club - Portland)

Good times at the Waffle Window. I had a dark chocolate covered waffle with handmade salted caramel ice cream topped with a dark chocolate shell, whipped cream and a sprinkle of black lava salt. #Pdx (at The Waffle Window)

Good things come in pink boxes. #Pdx (at Voodoo Doughnut (1st Location))